Building an app that brings beauty services to you.


blow LTD is an on-demand beauty business based in the UK. Designed by women for women, is trying to make lives a little bit easier with beauty services delivered at a convenient time and place.

The goal of this project was to increase the level of conversion and engagement between our customers.

We want as well to make the experience as easy, smooth, and delightful as possible.

The problem

The organisation’s website needs some support. So customers can book their services in an easier way anywhere and when they need.

Main pain points

Research showed that first-time customers frequently hesitate in entering their location and data before seeing any service.

The process takes too long.
Customers are having difficulties when booking their services online, they prefer to call.

The mobile experience is not great.
If you are out home with no laptop, the mobile experience at the moment is not usable.

The website doesn’t store details you entered in the past.
If you loved a pro (professional technician) or a service you can’t rebook again in an easy and fast way.

The solution

Create a native app that lets you book your service anytime anyway in a fast and smooth way.

Give transparency. You can browse services with no compromise beforehand.

Optimize the booking workflow, so it is more intuitive and easy to use.

Optimize the experience for mobile, so it is fully accessible.

Centralize information. By creating an account, your details will be stored and you will be able to rebook your favorite services and pros quicker.

Design a native B2C app for increasing the conversion rate of the original website.

Beauty, tech

Product design from research to conception, visualization and testing.


User personas

The research was conducted. We recognised different user types for our product via an external agency and making some customer calls. The profiles came up after some rounds of workshops with people from every single department sharing and thinking aloud.

The more recurrent user profile we see is an affluent working woman with an average age of 35s to 50s.

Here we need to make a differentiation between digital natives and digital immigrants. While digital natives will feel comfortable using either app and website, we might need to help customers in their 50s and below, giving them extra context, trust. Aligning a bit the process of booking in a salon with booking online, so they feel comfortable.

We decided to focus on Persona Sophie. This profile was very recurrent, and we gathered a good amount of accurate feedback from them.

Point of view (POV) statement

A Point of View framework helps to outline and articulate the challenge into an actionable problem statement.

This will allow me to ideate in a goal-oriented manner. Begin brainstorming solutions will be easier.

User journey

In this project, we’ll focus in walk through the experience of booking your services at home only.
We decided to open the app. So people can see services available in their area. Understand how it works and what they need with full transparency.

Right after, they will be able to book the full service by registering or logging in.

Once you book your first service in the app, the experience will become quicker and quicker. You will be able to try new services, booking your past services, or rebooking your favorite pro!

In the app, you will be able to book beauty bar slots, buying some products, or buy gift cards for your friends as well.

How to book services to your home



When wireframing the app, I designed several versions for the product. In the beginning, it was an MVP(minimum viable product), and then it evolved and got more sophisticated functions. Here I will attach some of the latest wireframes of the app.


Adding some guidelines

Once we have the architecture of the app and the structure settled, we pass to make it look good.
As a native app, in our guidelines, we had only one type of font and different key colors. 



Adding icons from and the blow LTD imagery, makes the app get in shape really quickly


The App: Prototypes in high resolution

This video was used in some marketing campaigns before some of the prototypes above were launched. After that, we made some changes that you can see in the prototypes.


When we built something new, normally we did an internal audit with stakeholders and pools people in the office. Then we would test the changes in-house to make sure everything works smoothly.

We sometimes asked people nearby, in Guerrilla way… as most of them never tried the app. That helps us a lot as well.

Often we run AB tests, to check what works better… and keep gathering data to make a most useful product as we learn.

Building an app is a continuous work in progress. It is not only having ideas but also testing them.


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